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The programme for apprentices

If you are a committed and driven leader, with little to no board experience, but with the enthusiasm and intuition to make a strong contribution to a board, we would like to invite you to join a network of highly talented individuals who demonstrate the potential to be effective and influential board members.

By joining the network, you will have the opportunity to apply to join a board as a non-voting member for a year. You will finish the year with a much greater understanding of governance, close insights into the workings of boards, and with valuable skills and networks that could lead to incredibly exciting non-executive roles in future

With you and our Partners, GAP will strengthen the
pipeline of next generation talent, and will be
transformative for the sectors it supports.


Develop your understanding of mission-driven governance

You will begin to develop the skills, networks and confidence to successfully apply for board roles in the future.

Expert Mentorship

Learning from your Mentor on the Board,
you will have the opportunity to learn about new
business models, a new sector and corporate
governance best practice.

Develop your leadership skills

By developing your non-executive expertise and expanding your network across mission-driven sectors, you will learn how to be effective in a different leadership context- ultimately supporting your own personal and professional development goals.

Be part of the change

This is an opportunity to be part of a network of people who will represent the future of board diversity in mission-driven sectors such as Arts, Culture, Not-for-Profits and Higher Education.

Your contribution and fresh perspectives could help shape the future of governance. If you are passionate about mission-driven sectors, this is an opportunity to apply your professional experience to support an organisation's positive societal impact.

Timeline for apprentices

Months 1-2

Launch: Perrett Laver engagement with Host Boards, preparing them for the programme.

Months 3-4

Building the network: Perrett Laver builds a network of potential apprentices. Potential apprentices will fill in a standardised application form for upcoming vacanices.

Months 5-6

Shortlisting and interviews: Host Boards will invite applications from our network. Apprentices will apply for roles and Host Boards will invite candidates forward to interview.

Months 7-8

Apprentices join boards: you will be assigned a mentor on the Board and provided with a sector guide. Your Host Board will conduct relevant inductions.

Month 9 onwards

Perrett Laver supports ongoing development for apprentices 

After one year on the Board

Apprenticeships conclude: apprentices recieve a reference from their Host Board to include in their CV and future board applications. Apprentices remain part of the GAP network and alumni.

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How to become an apprentice

We welcome applications from people of all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds; from all faiths and beliefs; from every part of the country; who identify as any sexuality and/or gender; with any impairment; and regardless of age or marital status. We seek people with a range of experiences and skills. To register as a potential apprentice please fill in the registration form. Or for more information please get in touch with the Perrett Laver team.

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View current apprentice opportunities

If you have registered as a potential apprentice via Perrett Laver then please check our listings and decide which board apprenticeships to apply for. For a list of all current vacancies, please click on the link below.

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