bridging the board diversity gap

now is the time to come together to make a change

"Ensuring governing body diversity is a critical issue for our universities. The Governance Apprenticeship Programme is a really positive step towards addressing this pressing challenge.”Dr Paul Greatrix, Registrar, University of Nottingham

The challenge

The current trajectory to creating representative boards is too long

Whilst many universities have made positive steps towards creating representative boards, it is clear that there is still much work to be done if governing bodies are to be truly representative and reflective of their community, their staff and their students.










Having a disability




56 years old or older



(compared to 54.6% of staff)


of HEIs have no BAME board members


of HEIs have no disabled board members

Be part of the change

Creating diverse and inclusive boards is a highly complex challenge with no single solution. We feel that such a complicated challenge requires a collective approach and now is the time for us, universities, and potential candidates, to come together to make a change.

“Taking on non-profit board roles is a daunting prospect and it is difficult to know how to start this journey. Perrett Laver’s GAP initiative sounds like an exciting opportunity to develop my expertise and understanding of what it means to be a Trustee” - potential board apprentice

The GAP initiative

What is the GAP initiative?

Through the development of a new Governance Apprenticeship Programme (GAP), which brings together the resources of Perrett Laver together with our launch partners and future sector partners, we believe that collectively we can begin to bridge to gap to board diversity and shorten the timeline to creating truly representative boards.

GAP for apprentices

We believe that the right combination of perspectives, skills, experience and diversity on boards will lead to a stronger higher education sector. Become an apprentice and be part of the change.

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GAP for partners

In order to attract the diverse talent we know is out there, the sector requires a different approach to engage the next generation. Host an apprentice and be part of the change.

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